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Welcome to 4x4 outdoor tuning


This is about who we are, where we come from and why we do what we do.

About us

We operate our webshop since 2006, previously under and now 4x4 outdoor, and provide broad experience and know-how as well as high quality parts.

We are an Australian company specializing in the sale of high quality European products which are designed to enhance driver comfort and safety as well as improve the overall performance of a wide range of motor vehicles driven in Australia.

I'm a mechanical engineer from Germany and have started tinkering with cars at the age of 12 (it was with my uncles car as he came to visit... he wasn't very happy but I could put together again what I had taken apart. :))

It all started as a hobby before I turned 18 and got my first own car. I worked as mechanical engineer on a ship yard in Hamburg/Harburg Germany for 17 years and have repaired and fitted small to large engines up to 2 storeys high. One of my favourites was to build the Rainbow Worrier II for Greenpeace; it was a deep sea fishing trawler and we turned it into a three masted schooner.
At home I tinkered on cars whenever I had time. From Opel Manta A to Corvette Stingray over Land Rover Series and later Defenders.

As I moved to Australia in 2006 I started working in a concrete company, made my truck drivers licence and bought a Land Rover Defender.
Since I love to tinker on cars I wanted to modify our Defender in my spare time so that it is more comfortable, safer, more economical and of course good looking.
The problem was that I had difficulties finding the parts I was looking for in Australia.
After discussing this with my wife we decided to start our own business with the parts we love the most and always would fit to our cars.

Thank you for your continued support.

 Kind regards

Dirk, Petra & Emely








Defender Td4 clutch pedal,
easy with clutch booster


Shock absorber, adjustable
at the touch of a button





Converted to run on waste vegetable oil


Converted to run on SVO / WVO




Converted to run on waste vegetable oil


2x 100kva generators converted, powered by vegetable oil
for the "Greenhouse by Joost", MFWF





1. 2 x 100 KVA Generators powered by cooking oil for the MFWF (link to story)

2. Successful reconditioned Isuzu  (link to story)

3. Melbourne tour  (link to story)


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