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Wireless Charging Pad for Land Rover New Defender 2020 (L663)

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  • Wireless Charging Pad for Land Rover New Defender 2020 (L663)
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DTE Systems offers cutting-edge technology for its products, including app-controlled tuning.
The PowerControl engine performance tuning system can be controlled through a smartphone app,
providing drivers with the convenience of adjusting performance levels on the go.
The app offers three different performance modes - Efficiency, Dynamic, and Sport -
allowing drivers to choose the best setting for their driving conditions and preferences.
The PedalBox throttle tuning system also has app control with the same three performance modes available.
With this feature, drivers have the flexibility to easily switch between performance modes to optimize their driving experience.

PowerControl X

PowerControl X

PowerControl X

Save fuel and cash

Efficiency Mode for less fuel consumption

Up to 15 % less consumption

The lower consumption is achieved through the "Efficiency" eco-driving program, which optimizes the most important engine parameters in terms of consumption and optimally matches them to one another.
The main savings potential lies in the optimized torque.
This is becaus e full power is available even at low engine speeds. This means that you can change gears earlier andsave fuel and money by driving in low gear.

Save more fuel and gain more power?

Save 15 % fuel with perfromance chip PowerControl
"Our performance upgrade allows for power gains of 30%, or fuel savings of up to 15%."

But that doesn't mean you'll have less power overall by saving more. As explained earlier, eco tuning optimizes all relevant parameters for the fuel-air mixture to allow for more effective combustion. As a result, the performance of your vehicle remains the same and, depending on the vehicle, can even improve in Efficienty mode.

This saves you fuel and money without limiting your driving pleasure. At the same time, even more power and driving pleasure is available to you at any time by simply switching to Dynamic or Sport modes.
Save now!

Drive fully loaded and efficiently

Under full load, for frequent trips or long distances: consume less fuel with PowerControl and save as a company, too.

Eco-tuning determines the individual load profile for heavy-duty vehicles, optimizes the injection cycle to achieve more efficient efficiency. As a result, you consume less fuel and get a longer range. Vans and trucks achieve a direct economic competitive advantage especially under full load. There is a further advantage for travelers, commuters and service providers: on long-distance journeys for highway and country roads, with an adapted driving style, correspondingly less fuel needs to be refueled to arrive at the destination. But even short trips pay off thanks to the savings potential, such as delivery services and passenger transportation.

Efficiency pays off. Thanks to PowerControl, you cover more kilometers on one tank of gas.

Eco Tuning PowerControl

Up to 15 % fuel saving?

Now possible with DTE Systems PowerControl

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