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DTE PedalBox Pro with anti-theft and limit mode for Ineos Grenadier , Petrol / Diesel

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DTE PedalBox Pro with anti-theft and limit mode for Ineos Grenadier , Petrol / Diesel

Excl. GST: $452.88 Incl. GST: $498.17

Quick Overview

PedalBox PRO with anti-theft protection and limit mode from DTE Systems Germany: 

Introducing the PedalBox Pro: Experience enhanced driving dynamics and unleash the full potential of your vehicle. The throttle response controller is designed to improve acceleration, delivering instant response and a sportier driving experience. With easy installation and customizable driving modes, the PedalBox Pro is your key to more driving pleasure. Explore its advanced features and take control of your driving performance.

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Excl. GST: $452.88 Incl. GST: $498.17
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Product Description

Experience enhanced driving dynamics and increased driving pleasure with the modern throttle response controller, the PedalBox by DTE Systems. Say goodbye to the frustrating delayed throttle response commonly found in modern engines. The PedalBox is designed to improve the standard accelerator pedal characteristic, delivering a sportier start and an overall more enjoyable driving experience.

Installation is a breeze with the PedalBox, requiring just three simple steps. Plug it in, and you're done! The PedalBox comes ready for installation and features a convenient plug-and-play procedure:

Disconnect the original accelerator connector.
Connect the PedalBox base to the plug-in connection.
Safely stow away the PedalBox base. That's it!

Achieve optimum results for your vehicle with the PerfecTune technology. The PedalBox can be individually tuned to match your specific vehicle. Start PerfecTune by pressing a button and fully depress the throttle. The PedalBox will optimize all programs and fine-tune them perfectly for your vehicle, ensuring an exceptional driving experience.

Enhance the security of your vehicle with the PedalBox Pro's integrated immobilizer and anti-theft protection. Safeguard your vehicle effectively against theft by using the PedalBox Pro. The immobilizer feature only allows your vehicle to start when your personal PedalBox Pro Remote is recognized or when your securely coupled smartphone is within range. Don't give thieves a chance, even with keyless go! The PedalBox Pro effectively protects against the security gap found in numerous vehicle types, preventing thieves from overriding your car key and providing an additional layer of security for your vehicle.

For even more driving fun and customization, the PedalBox Pro offers five driving programs to suit your preferences:

CITY: Perfectly designed for stop-and-go city traffic, this mode improves throttle response in the low rev range.
SPORT: Significantly increases throttle response and is suitable for most driving situations. Enjoy a more spirited driving experience, particularly during overtaking maneuvers.
SPORT PLUS: Optimized throttle response across the entire rev range for a more aggressive and exhilarating driving experience, perfect for track enthusiasts.
ECO (New with PedalBox Pro): Save fuel on every journey. This mode reduces fuel consumption by limiting aggressive and sporty acceleration, optimizing response behavior for economical consumption.
LIMIT MODE: Stay safe on the road with the Limit mode. This mode is ideal for novice drivers or when others are handling your vehicle, such as valet parking or hotel employees. Limit mode reduces throttle response and restricts the opening of the throttle cap up to a certain point. You can set the maximum throttle position individually at approximately 20% (suitable for city traffic/valet parking), 50% (standard setting), or 80% (prevents strong acceleration).

The PedalBox Pro offers convenient control options, including a wireless remote control that fits on your key ring. With this remote, you can comfortably control all functions and secure your vehicle using the new Pro features. Additionally, the PedalBox Pro features an app control function, allowing you to control central functions of the system using your smartphone.

The PedalBox Pro provides additional features to enhance your driving experience and safety:

Save fuel with the Eco mode, which reduces the vehicle's response behavior, resulting in lower fuel consumption. Enjoy smoother starts, controlled acceleration, and reduced downshifting with your automatic transmission.

DTE takes pride in German quality and safety, which is why they develop and produce all their tuning products locally in Germany. To demonstrate their confidence in their products, DTE offers a comprehensive 5-year warranty on the functionality of the tuning products, exceeding the legal warranty requirements.

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